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Transform Your Life

Getting from where you are to where you want to be

Complimentary & Alternative Therapies can help you take control of your life. Learn ways to respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

Self-regulate your emotions and behaviors to reduce stress, anxiety, increase resilience, and create balance.  Unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making effective choices, and take charge of your life. 

The Stress and Well-being Survey gives you a snap shot of your current level of well-being and stress management skills.  The Survey results will provide you the insight on what areas you can improve on.

Join Dr. Cathy Chargualaf on a journey into self-discovery that will forever expand what you believe is possible for your life!   Listen to podcasts about common life challenges.


Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Dr. Cathy Chargualaf is the founder of Life Esteem, LLC, the Life Esteem Wellness Center, and the Institute of Natural Healing in Southern California.  She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, Summa Cum Laude, specializing in Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Coaching.  She is also a board-certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. 


She has certifications in

  • Integrative Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • HeartMath® Trauma-Sensitive Certified Practitioner 
  • HeartMath® Clinical Practitioner for Stress, Anxiety, and Self-Regulation
  • HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience Coach and Mentor
  • HeartMath® Stress & Well-Being Assessment
  • Counseling for Addiction-Based Relationships
  • Board-Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Licensed Master Practitioner (by Richard Bandler, Co-creator of NLP) and Trainer
  • Board-Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, and certified in Ericksonian and Advanced Hypnotherapy, Master Hypnotist and Instructor


Dr. Chargualaf takes a holistic approach to inner values, needs, and desires of the whole person, in mind, body, and spirit. Often the journey is one of new levels of wellness, balance, and inner peace.  

Life Esteem with Dr. Cathy Chargualaf is featured on the #1 positive talk network,

streaming live on and


Dr. Cathy Chargualaf hosts the Life Esteem podcasts that take you through a deep dive into self-discovery that will forever expand what you believe is possible for your life!  


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Books Author by Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Finding My Way Home - To Who I Really Am 

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by Cathy Chargualaf

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